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Most lawyers know they should have a LinkedIn profile, but there’s a big difference between having a profile and using it to good effect! LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful tool for lawyers, and it’s easier than you think to start making an impact.

Frequent engagement is a prerequisite for success on LinkedIn. But what does commitment look like?

To help you create a plan for leveraging LinkedIn for business development, here’s a quick guide to how to LinkedIn Basics, effective and easy ways to engage on LinkedInand one simple plan to get started with LinkedIn for lawyers.

LinkedIn Basics

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals to connect within and across industries.

Users can create individual or company profiles, add people to their network, send messages, follow topics and companies that interest them, post jobs, advertise and write, share or comment articles and content. There are free and paid versions from LinkedIn.

A study 2020 of the ABA revealed that 87% of law firms use LinkedIn.

Individual respondents to the ABA study reported personally using social media for professional purposes. The vast majority (90%) of individuals use LinkedIn, followed by Facebook at 29%, Twitter at 17% and Instagram at 13%.

Law firms and lawyers can use LinkedIn to build brand awareness, establish opinion leader status, attract referralsmake contact with potential customers, network with colleagues, or even hire new team members.

How to increase your visibility by being active on the platform

Like all other social media platforms, LinkedIn wants users to be active. It’s not enough to create a LinkedIn profile and log in or rarely post anything.

The more active you are, the more visible you will be. Here are several painless engagement opportunities on LinkedIn that can increase your visibility:

  • Like, Comment or Share other people’s posts
  • Share external content produced by you or your law firm, such as a new blog post
  • Publish original insights directly on LinkedIn (no link necessary)

Remember, you don’t need a full blog post to accompany your LinkedIn posts. For example, you may have thoughts about a recent appeal decision. It may not warrant a full article, but it works great as a conversation starter with other lawyers as a native LinkedIn post.

When you start sharing, Linkedin will provide analytics so you can see what content works best with your network.

Getting Started with LinkedIn: Some Tips for Success

If you’re new to LinkedIn or haven’t been active for a while, be very clear about your overall strategy before you jump in.

First, determine your purpose using LinkedIn. How does the platform fit into your larger business plan? Want more lawyer referrals in your area? Are you looking to stay ahead of business owners you’ve worked with before who could recommend you?

Next, make sure you have the right network. Great content pushed to the wrong audience will get you nowhere. Who do you really want to connect with on LinkedIn? Start sending connection requests, including a personalized message for people who might need a bit of context.

To finish, create a commitment plan you can stick to. Set aside 15-30 minutes each day to scroll through your feed and interact with other people’s content. Try to share original content or post at least once a week. Encourage employees to engage with this content.

Remember that getting the work done is just as important as stepping back to assess whether or not your engagement is progressing toward your business goals. A quick monthly review of LinkedIn analytics will help you stay on track,

Review and next steps

The most effective digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive strategy. Across all platforms, your business needs to speak with one voice to customers and colleagues.

LinkedIn is overlooked and underused by many lawyers. However, the rewards for engaging on LinkedIn are manifold, and it’s quite easy to incorporate LinkedIn into your existing digital marketing strategy.

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