Two-point campus preview: Wacky business management series takes us back to school


Two Point Campus is the sequel to the insane hospital management simulation, Two Point Hospital, which was released in 2018.

At Two Point Hospital, you encounter patients with strange and often silly illnesses like Cubism, Turtle Head, 8-Bitten, and many other puns that turn into hilarious afflictions for which you must find the cures.

But it’s not the NHS, and people who come to your hospital for these weird remedies have to pay for it. This money can then be reinvested in research, items to make the place cleaner and more comfortable for patients, or even more staff, staff training, etc.

Create and manage the university of your dreams in the hilarious business management simulation



Two Point Campus takes that gameplay and humor and applies it to college life. It’s a new twist on business simulation gaming by having you create and run your own college campus that throws all the stuffy seriousness of business management out the window.

With wacky courses, you try to create the best university possible by buying the best learning tools as well as social spaces to help your students succeed in their courses and graduate.

The game is full of silliness, puns, slapstick humor, and amusing voice-overs that keep the business aspect of the game from getting too dry or boring.

Developed by UK developer Two Point Studios, which includes Mark Webley and Gary Carr who have previously worked on popular classic titles including Theme Hospital, Black & White and Dungeon Keeper – excellent strategy and simulation games with a strong comic element.

In Two Point Campus, you will have to design, maintain and manage your own institution of higher education. This includes building the necessary classrooms and ensuring they are properly equipped.

You will also need to include facilities, keeping students happy and entertained as well as training and looking after staff among many other tasks that you will need to balance.

At first glance, Campus may seem like a revamped version of Two Point Hospital, but very quickly you learn that there are several new layers of depth added to the formula as well as unique gameplay and challenges.

With a hospital, your patients are transient, coming to your hospital to be diagnosed, then treated and sent home, but on campus, the students live on site, so you’ll have to provide them with a lot more.

Two Point Campus follows part of the same plan as its predecessor Two Point Hospital



You will need to equip them not only with their yards, but also with sleeping quarters, shower rooms, toilets and places to collect food as well as social spaces for them to meet and interact, build friendships and maybe even fall in love.

You will also need to create your program and select the courses your students can enroll in.

Of course, in typical Two Point fashion, they’re downright bonkers and give you some weird and entertaining recruits, like robotics students walking around “doing the robot” and Knight School candidates walking all over the place. full armor, while Wizardy students buzz around. like Harry Potter extras.

Some of the odd qualifications your students will be aiming for will be in the highly regarded professions of Scientography, virtual normalcy of sorcery, as well as spy school to detect secrets or knighthood where your noblest student will have to answer the call and take the sword.

One of the best things to do is zoom in on a few students and follow their weird and goofy day.



The measure of success in Two Point Campus is not just the number of students who pass your courses, but also the grades with which they graduate.

This can be improved in multiple ways, from simply improving the overall look of your campus, to providing all the academic tools and resources they might need, and meeting their social needs.

Unique to campus is the ability to add decorative items, place walkways and areas for your students to congregate outside of your main buildings, including things like coffee stands and even some classrooms which are to be built outdoors like the Knight School.

Your college design can be quite granular, but it’s very intuitive and satisfying, which means you can spend hours trying to get the optimal placement for your “Cheezy Gubbins” vending machine.

The hilarious gags of the tannoy reception have made a welcome return with some of the weird radio station presenters, idents and commercials.

Just like Two Point Hospital, your levels have a rating of up to 3 stars with specific goals you must complete to unlock the next level. Alternatively, you can stay at your current level and work on improving it to get a higher star rating.

Each level follows a course theme that the area tries to highlight, such as Noblestead’s level 3 emphasis on Knight School and level 4 with Spiffinmoore’s emphasis on sorcery.

It’s a fun mix of cartoonish, light-hearted humor broken with a detailed management sim that slowly increases the pressure by adding new things to learn and things to deal with…with puns. Lots of puns.

So far, Two Point Campus seems like a worthy successor to Two Point Hospital with a huge range of improvements and added complexity that is still incredibly fun but still very engaging and will leave you challenging university while being very, very silly.

Never change Two Point!

Two Point Campus will be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on August 9th.

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