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Meet ‘NEXT’ by Post For Rent – An end-to-end tool that amplifies the capabilities of influencer marketing agencies.

The influencer marketing space and its leading agencies have seen incredible growth over the past few years, with its peak still a long way off. The progress and growth of this industry is extraordinary and provides many opportunities for the many players involved.

But the proliferation of campaigns, which have become complex marketing operations, has led to an increase in administrative tasks that have become difficult to follow. Managing contracts, relationships, reports or payments requires more and more time and energy and can lead to reduced productivity, ineffective communication between team members, additional salary costs and reduction in income.

NEXT, by Post For Rent is now available to agencies as part of an exclusive product launch program. The select few can experience how the tool amplifies their abilities for 60 days risk-free and free of charge.

A simple video guide

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At the forefront of this administrative challenge, Post For Rent had the ambition to create, in collaboration with the people who need it most, the most complete and easy to use end-to-end tool. And that’s how NEXT was born.

NEXT is a unique campaign and content management tool, which allows influencer agencies to visualize all their processes, including contracts, payments, content, reports, documents and team efficiency , all in one place. It is the new generation of work organization, which makes life easier for all team members, guarantees increased efficiency, better team engagement and increased performance.

Follow-up and communication

Team members can communicate with each other in real time and see the status of each task that belongs to them. They can easily create and manage multiple influencer campaigns, with the ability to manage multiple brands under one account. Integrated with Slack as well as G-Suite, NEXT will send relevant Slack notifications to team members on campaign tasks, ensuring that all contracts, invoices and other documents appear in G-suite. DocuSign integration makes it easy to sign contracts, with a clear overview of all signed contracts and those pending signature, so you never miss a deadline. NEXT also comes with out-of-the-box, easily customizable contracts and automated company signatures, saving you time while ensuring all players are legally protected.

For team leaders, NEXT can help track their team’s performance, ongoing campaigns, the number of influencers team members have worked with, as well as the number of successful campaigns they have carried out and the revenue generated by these campaigns. It’s a great incentive system to track team time and focus and measure their performance month by month. While we’re reporting, NEXT is an agency paradise. Who are your biggest customers, who generates the most profit, which influencers you hire the most, how much did you pay each individual in total, and many more questions are answered in the tool, allowing organizations to make smarter decisions in running their businesses.

Hours of searching for the right piece of content is also a thing of the past, as NEXT’s content library collects all campaign content items, from stills to moving images, giving the content team quick access to pictures she needs. It’s basically an internal content pool that can be used for case studies, best practices, presentations, social media, and more.

A simplified process

Another thing that was a big priority for NEXT was how to simplify payment processes with all the contracts and documents that need to be completed every time. Campaign managers are notified once a contract is signed, content is published and paid for by the client, and then payment details are easily exported and passed on to the finance team.

Along with many useful features, such as a detailed database of customer and influencer profiles, NEXT includes Post For Rent’s most popular tools: Discover and X-Ray. The former allows customers to search Post For Rent’s vast database of influencers based on multiple criteria, while the latter scans literally any social media profile on the planet, providing a comprehensive data report. on the most important influence analyses.

With Covid disrupting the way we work, communicate and manage team performance and engagement, administrative work has become more of a nightmare than before. Overseeing tasks, responsibilities and performance and ensuring that activities run smoothly even when people are not in the same room has remained one of the challenges of companies around the world. There are many ways NEXT can help companies manage their business better, regain control of their team, documents, customers and more.

Since inception of NEXT six months ago, the Post For Rent team has tested the tool extensively and found that administrative tasks for talent managers were simplified, better communication between finance, the team and management, and better cash flow thanks to easier tracking of outstanding payments and automated reminders.

“As our influencer campaigns grew, we struggled to keep pace with administration. This is where NEXT helps us the most. We don’t necessarily need to hire an excessive number of managers to manage our growing number of campaigns.” – said Rizwan Ahmad, CEO of Viral Edge.

NEXT is now available to agencies as part of an exclusive product launch program. The select few can experience how the tool amplifies their abilities for 60 days risk-free and free of charge.

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