The new Elecgalapagos business management system will benefit 13,800 users in the archipelago


Press release Ministry of Energy and Mines

This is an automatic translation of the original press release published in Spanish

With an investment of over USD 167,000, the Galápagos Provincial Electricity Company (ELECGALAPAGOS SA), attached to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, has set up, since the beginning of April, a new commercial management system called SAP CIS/CRM, for the benefit of the 13,800 users of the electricity service of the archipelago.

The new marketing system will maximize quality levels in customer service, billing and collections.

Under this new system, the issue of invoices will not be carried out at the same time for all users, which will allow a better distribution of operational tasks, as well as reducing the influx of customers to pay, given that the due date of the invoices, it will not be the same for all customers.

Similarly, electronic invoicing is implemented in order to comply with the paper reduction policy promoted by both the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition and the Governing Council of the Galapagos Special Regime. In this way, all documents issued by the company will be sent to the email address registered by the client and will also be available for download on the official website of the institution

“We have made a significant investment in order to achieve international standards of efficiency and quality that lead us to provide our users with the best service, using the best technology. Additionally, we are proud to be the seventh company in the country to make this technological leap,” said ELECGALAPAGOS Executive Chairman Jefferson Cata.

Distribution companies such as: Centrosur, Quito, Azogues, Regional del Sur, Riobamba and the National Electricity Corporation (CNEL EP), already have this innovative platform aimed at providing users with quality services through standardized processes in terms of customer service, collection, billing, portfolio management and measurement. , among others.

The government of Reunion through the Ministry of Energy and Mines and ELECGALAPAGOS works in a committed way for the benefit of the population of the province of Galapagos.


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