Success of Albany venture leads to eventual downtown expansion


ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – A local pastry chef is finding new ways to serve his delicious treats.

Q Cakes recently opened vending machines in downtown Albany. One in the court building at 225 Pine Avenue and another in the tax building at 240 Pine Avenue.

Qs Cakes has had its Dawson Road location for 2 years. (WALB)

Owner Quinetta Hall says her success starts with the taste of her treats. His store, 2700 Dawson Road Suite 17, has a 24-hour vending machine. She says she has had so much success with her two vending machines downtown that she wants to expand.

“People came from all over the surrounding town. Everybody wants one,” Hall said.

Hall says investing in downtown is important to the success of the entire city, but right now many storefronts are just empty.

“We are building downtown Albany. So if you can find good, trustworthy people to open businesses there, that means the world in downtown Albany,” Hall said.

Hall thinks it might be a perfect fit, but she’s still considering the move.

Quinetta Hill says the vending machines have been a huge hit
Quinetta Hill says the vending machines have been a huge hit(WALB)

“I’m very open-minded, so the sky’s the limit. There’s no telling what I’ll do next,” Hall said.

Right now, opening a store downtown is just an idea. But it’s clear there’s a demand downtown for its delicacies.

“I think it would be really cool if they could be in other places that aren’t a courthouse. Do you know what I mean?” said a Q’s Cakes fan who did not want to be named.

Hall says his vending machines created a community, much like a water cooler, except for his comfort food.

“Sometimes not everyone will understand how to use it. Sometimes people help them when they don’t understand, so they start talking and it becomes a meeting place,” Hall said.

Hall plans to expand her popular business, but she doesn’t yet know how or when.

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