Savitsky Satin Bacon and Bucci change names as Ground Control business management – ​​The Hollywood Reporter


Elite Hollywood business management firm Savitsky Satin Bacon & Bucci puts a new name on the door. As of Monday, the 32-year-old company is Ground Control Business Management.

The company, which was founded by George Savitsky in 1990, represents top talent in the entertainment industry – including showrunners, stars and digital creators – as well as athletes and other high net worth individuals. . Chris Bucci, who started co-managing the company with Steve Savitsky in 2017 at the age of 31, will oversee Ground Control as CEO.

Bucci says the rebranding is an effort to better reflect the company’s culture and its vision for the future.

“We’ve had tremendous growth,” he says. “We added a lot of young partners. We are a very diverse group and we are team oriented. We got to a point where I was like, ‘Why isn’t this person’s name on the door? It’s so archaic.

Bucci, now 37, has quickly become one of the most respected business leaders in the industry, something he credits to senior partners who gave him a seat at the table. “They’ve always allowed people to grow,” he says. “George built something so special, and it made it easier for me to do what I do because he laid the groundwork and set this path in place.”

Switching brands, he hopes, sends a similar message to the company’s younger generation. “There are no names at the top,” says Bucci. “We are in the same boat. We are side by side.

They came up with the new name with the help of branding and marketing agency Grafik, who consulted with a dozen company employees. During these discussions, themes emerged including loyalty, integrity and being grounded for one’s clients.

“Ground Control” wasn’t initially one of the finalists, but with a bit of tweaking after nothing else quite hit the mark, it clicked.

While many of its peers joined Focus Financial Partners, in 2019 this group chose to enter into a strategic relationship with NFP, an insurance broker and consultant. In a statement Monday, NFP President and CEO Doug Hammond said he was excited about the new brand and the continued growth: “With the relationships we have and the breadth and depth of the ur company’s expertise and capabilities, Ground Control Business Management is in an excellent position to ensure that solutions are integrated and effective so that customers have peace of mind knowing that what matters most to them is being managed. »

Bucci says NFP gave him the resources he needed to grow while maintaining his independence. Former Savitsky Satin Bacon & Bucci’s team numbers about 90, and about 45 other employees from Tanner Mainstain Glynn & Johnson, which is also under the NFP umbrella, will join Ground Control in January. Bucci says there are more strategic moves on the horizon over the next year that will help him continue to disrupt the business and “create a new path for what business management is.” .

“We try to maintain a boutique feel even though we’re not a boutique anymore,” he says. “Our vision is to provide the best possible financial service to our customers under the umbrella of our parent company NFP, to have all the resources they need under one roof without any blurred lines. If we build the right system and that we have the right people, we’ll have something totally unique and different. The sky’s the limit.”


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