Radiology Business Management Association launches coalition of physician groups to fight $5 billion in pay cuts


The Radiology Business Management Association on Monday launched a coalition of physician groups hoping to fight $5 billion in pay cuts facing the profession.

The RBMA Board of Directors approved the new Radiology Patient Action Network at the group’s annual conference in Las Vegas, which began Oct. 17. patients to access imaging.

“Radiologists across the country are facing severe funding cuts that will inevitably lead to staff layoffs and service cuts for patients who need mammograms, cancer screenings and other life-saving diagnostic services” , RBMA Executive Director Bob Still said in a statement. “[The new patient action network] will fight to ensure that patients receive the care they deserve, and that Congress understands the need for federal funding for these services.

Still and his colleagues said they hoped to build on the success of the association’s “Don’t Cut Papers” advocacy campaign to avoid similar changes to Medicare in 2021. The RBMA said the practices of radiology are facing a potentially “devastating” drop of 11.75%. The Action Network urges Congress to extend a temporary 3.75% increase in Medicare wages through 2022, as well as extend the sequestration moratorium to avoid losing $5 billion in payment cuts for vital services.


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