Meta announces new features for managing small businesses


Facebook owner Meta has doubled down on the reported success of social media advertising to help small businesses get discovered by launching several new tools to help them manage their ads and connect with a user base wider.

Noting that Facebook and Instagram ads that opened up to a WhatsApp chat for direct communication between customer and business have been particularly successful, new Meta features should make it easier to create these ads, via the WhatsApp Business app. .

For starters, business owners will be able to manage messages on social media platforms more easily because Meta brings WhatsApp to the inbox, so Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp messages all appear in one place. Additionally, they are also planning to allow multiple devices to share the same WhatsApp account and number, a feature that was previously limited to a single device.

The Meta Business Suite also benefits from new functionalities, allowing companies to send promotions and messages to those who consent.

Finally, Meta has improved lead generation potential for small businesses, through features such as a “get a quote” button on Instagram accounts, as well as stickers in stories. Customer surveys and questionnaires should also be presented for lead filtration. Meta Business Suite now allows lead information to be uploaded directly into a user’s CRM.


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