Membership Pro Tip: Help Members Generate New Leads


Looking to offer a new benefit to help members find leads and secure new business? The Public Relations Society of America created one with the help of a member.

PRSA had a basic search tool to help people find companies and PR experts who needed an upgrade. So staff reached out to Simon Locke, founder of CommunicationsMatch, a search and services technology platform, and partnered with him on the tool.

How it works?

the new search toolFind A Firm, helps potential clients identify PRSA member PR firms and shortlist PR agencies, professionals and service providers whose expertise matches their needs.

Potential clients can view detailed profiles, which include leader bios, recommendations, and thought leadership. The technology allows them to contact directly or use the built-in RFP tools to streamline the process of hiring a business or professional. It also offers a simple five-question search tool and the ability to find agencies by postcode or city.

“This disciplined and streamlined research process leads to better results, helps clients identify agencies they may not otherwise know about, and makes it easier to request proposals,” said Jay Starr, senior vice president of PRSA.

Why is it effective?

“The new search tool was designed by communicators for communicators,” says Starr, and is specifically designed to help companies through the process of finding agencies, consultants, freelancers and service providers. The tools reflect customer priorities when seeking partners: industry and communications capabilities, location, size, diversity, customer experience and designations.

PRSA has over 18,000 members who provide a range of communications and public relations services. Helping people find these experienced practitioners and generate new business leads is one way PRSA provides added value to its members.

What’s the benefit?

Communication skills are in high demand due to the pandemic and the addition of Find A Firm to PRSA’s portfolio of exclusive member benefits provides more opportunities for members to showcase their expertise.

“It’s a great tool for finding qualified new leads from companies that have done their research and are genuinely interested in working with PRSA members,” Starr says.

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