Hectic launches a business management tool designed to start, manage and grow a successful independent business in one place


“If you want to be your own boss, Hectic is an all-inclusive platform designed to help you turn your passion, talent, and dreams into a thriving business. We’re reimagining the system, demystifying freelance work, and removing all the barriers we can.”

Today, Hectic announced the launch of FreelancerOS™, a platform designed for busy freelancers. The all-inclusive tool offers simplified business management for freelancers at any stage of their journey. Hectic offers the ability to start, manage and grow a successful freelance business all in one place, allowing freelance professionals to focus on increasing productivity and earning more income.

As more and more workers turn to self-employment – ​​an estimated 130 million by 2028 – they find that learning how to run a freelance business can be overwhelming. Freelancers report spending only 52% of their time on billable work.

Despite the myriad of options available to freelancers, many find themselves tinkering with a solution made up of multiple tools. This makes it difficult to keep track of everything and get an overview of the business at a glance on a single dashboard. Add the associated costs, and many who want to become independent long-term are discouraged.

“If you want to be your own boss, Hectic is an all-inclusive platform designed to help you turn your passion, talent, and dreams into a thriving business,” said Darryl Kelly, Founder and CEO of Hectic. “We’re reimagining the system, demystifying freelance work, and removing all possible barriers to create a world where freelancing isn’t just a daydream, it’s a day job. And it’s achievable, no matter who you are.

As a freelancer, Hectic helps you save time and lets you focus on client work to earn more money.

“I can’t say enough about the team at Hectic,” says Matt Wright, marketing strategist. “They are committed to creating a great single dashboard for freelancers, and it shows. Every time I asked a question in the chat, one of the founders is there within minutes to ask questions and help me understand my problem.The product itself is excellent and really affordable compared to competitors in the field – and it just keeps getting better.

Hectic is available on the web and via mobile and offers freelancers a way to efficiently manage clients, projects, scheduling, accounting, invoices, proposals, contracts, and more. Users can sign up for the free version with no credit card required and upgrade to the paid version if they wish.

Plus, Hectic has resources to help you with insurance, banking, and continuing education. Freelancers often lack access to additional education and training that would help them grow their business. 53% say they want better access to learn technical, soft and freelance business skills. To help you, Hectic offers its Hectic Academy comprising a series of micro-modules with short informative videos led by experts, quick coaching exercises and downloadable resources, all at no cost.

Price and availability

“At Hectic, our vision is to make self-employment accessible to everyone,” Kelly said. “We’re on a mission to empower every entrepreneurial spirit to turn passion into success.”

The Hectic Essentials plan is free – no credit card required to get started. Monthly plans include the Pro tier at $11.99 per month and the Teams plan at $19.99 per month, with no annual commitment. Every user receives priority support.

Hectic seamlessly connects to popular tools including Slack, Zoom, Stripe, PayPal, QuickBooks, GSuite, and more. Visit https://www.hecticapp.com/ for more information on Hectic’s FreelancerOS™ today.

About Hectic

Hectic’s mission is to give every entrepreneurial spirit the means to transform passion into success. Its flagship platform, The FreelancerOS™, offers everything freelancers need to start, manage and grow their business in one easy-to-use dashboard. By giving freelancers a way to tackle the administrative side of freelancing, Hectic allows them to be more productive and focus on making more money. The company offers continuing education for freelancers through Hectic Academy, as well as through its podcast and blog. Founded in 2020, Hectic is based in Boulder, Colorado, led by a team that works remotely. To learn more, visit Hectic online or follow us on social media, on LinkedIn, Twitteror Instagram.

(Stats quoted are from Edelman, Freelance Forward Report 2020)

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