Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance showcases community diversity, opportunity and business development in new video series


Gary Moritz, NEW Cooperative

“There are probably people who are listening who have no connection to agriculture and are saying what a co-op does. A co-op really is a key part of any farming operation…”, Jill Nelson, Director of Development community.

The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance released a new video series that showcases the diversity and opportunities of the community. This video series provides an opportunity to spotlight various area businesses and organizations to learn more about them and their impact on our community. This commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and business development in the region is exemplified by this series of videos.

The 8th video in their series on Business, Community and Opportunity introduces everyone to the NEW co-op. Gary Moritz, director of communication and the foundation, looks back on the history of NEW Cooperative and its debut in 1973. What many people don’t know is where the name came from. As Gary tells us in the video, it started with two local co-ops. One was located in Badger and the other in Vincent. This is where the NEW comes from, representing Northeast Webster County.

The NEW cooperative has grown significantly from the original two elevators to more than 60 locations in central, northwest and western Iowa, with its headquarters located in Fort Dodge. This co-operative has 8,000 members/owners whose mission is to add value to their members’ farm operations while remaining an innovative and efficient supplier to today’s agricultural markets and services.

In the interview, Gary talks about the community and how you can plant your stakes and raise your family while having the option of being able to locate smaller communities in the area within 20 minutes. These small towns that support Fort Dodge also offer smaller school systems while having all the services you need for your work environment.

The NEW Cooperative believes it is especially important to give back to the community in a variety of ways. Being a member of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance is just one of the best ways they can provide this support to continue the work of promoting the community and amenities our workforce wants and needs.

Lydia Schuur, Communications Specialist at GFDGA, adds: “It’s a really big picture. That’s also what I love about all these videos because it’s a very diverse showcase of our member base and you learn a lot, but you also get to see the connections and the big picture of all the roles everyone plays.”

October is National Co-operative Month and is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of a trusted and proven way of doing business and building resilient and inclusive communities. “There are probably people who are listening who have no connection to agriculture and who say what a cooperative does. A co-op is really a key part of any farm operation because it’s going to provide services such as grain storage, agronomic services, marketing, a lot with the transportation of that grain, and just a lot of services that help farmers grow the best crops they can. Once they grow them, they help find ways to market them and sell them and really get that corn to where it needs to go,” says Jill Nelson, Director community development at GFDGA.

The GFDGA encourages everyone to watch the video, as well as the others in the series, to learn more about the businesses, the community and the opportunities that lie in the region. The videos can also be freely shared on social media and websites as a resource for job recruitment and business development in the region. The other videos will continue to air every three weeks for the rest of the year and you can find out more about them on the Spin It Podcast Sponsored by Spin Market + Digital which is published in conjunction with the videos.

If you are looking for a great business opportunity, look no further than the Greater Fort Dodge area. To learn more about the region and the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance, visit Where Contact us. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInand Youtube.

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