EverCommerce and Bold Group Launch New Software to Help Transform Business Management for Security and Alarm Companies


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado. (May 12, 2022) – Bold Group, part of EverCommerce Security and Alarm Solutions, a leading provider of alarm monitoring and integrated business management software for the security industry, announced the launch of Managely™, an enterprise management solution designed for the unique needs of the security industry. . The new software platform, which was showcased at Converge 2022, the company’s inaugural customer conference dedicated to industry transformation and innovation, helps security companies evolve their outlook on business opportunities and proactively focus on growth and profitability.

“The security sector is ripe for change. To help our customers succeed during this unprecedented time of momentum and convergence, we have been working to evolve our accounting and financial management tools software into a complete enterprise management platform,” said Alison Forsythe, President of EverCommerce Security & Alarm Solutions. “Managely demonstrates Bold Group’s commitment to helping its clients accelerate growth, build customer loyalty and grow their business. »

After talking extensively with clients over the past two years to understand their growth and management needs, Bold Group has created Managely, a new business management solution designed to help small, medium and large security companies, as well as resellers and integrators of alarms. It provides powerful features combined with a modern user interface so security companies can manage key business functions from a single platform, including accounting, billing, workflow management, reputation and customers, CRM integration, inventory management, central station integration, etc.

“Many security and alarm resellers and integrators use disparate programs and tools to run their business, so they don’t have a complete view of their challenges and opportunities,” said Julie Lichty, senior vice president of product management for EverCommerce security and alarm solutions. . “Managely was created specifically for the security industry and provides security and alarm companies with the confidence and peace of mind that their business is running smoothly, as well as intuitive insights to help them increase productivity, increase revenue and reduce costs, all in one solution. ”

Managely is flexible and scalable for the specific needs of the security industry, offering cloud-based and on-premises options. Its open API platform and alliances with a wide variety of premium partners such as Microsoft, pulseM and WeSuite allow it to integrate all the business functions that security and alarm resellers need to grow.

And, recognizing that the industry is constantly changing, Bold is committed to providing additional features and functions in Managely that will enhance value for customers and help increase profitability and profitability for security business owners and alarm.

Some of Managely’s key features include:

  • Executive and role-based dashboards which can be configured by role, brand and company and are driven by a sleek user interface/user experience, bringing data to life to better see and understand the health of the business.
  • business intelligence through an integrated version of Microsoft Power BI integration that provides interactive data visualizations and real-time analysis of key business insights and predictive analytics to drive forecasting and go-to-market strategies.
  • Reputation review and management through a pulseM® integration, giving business owners an efficient way to connect with customers, generate reviews and feedback, and drive organic growth.
  • Modern and flexible user interface that businesses can integrate with their corporate standards and brand identity through configurable dashboards, invoices, credits, statements, work orders, and proposals.
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue Solutions that allow businesses to optimize a variety of transactions such as billing or inventory on a subscription basis.

About Bold Group

For more than three decades, the Bold Group has served the electronic security industry with the most comprehensive line of alarm monitoring and integrated financial management solutions designed to achieve peak business performance. Bold Group’s product portfolio includes renowned Manitou, stages™ and SIMS alarm monitoring systems. These state-of-the-art alarm monitoring systems are complemented by the best accounting and business management systems in the industry: the SedonaOffice suite and the best-selling AlarmBiller system.. For more information about Bold Group, visit www.boldgroup.com or call 1-800-255-BOLD.

About EverCommerce

EverCommerce is a leading service commerce platform, providing vertically integrated and customized SaaS solutions that help more than 500,000 global service companies accelerate growth, streamline operations and increase retention. Its modern digital and mobile apps create predictable, informed and convenient experiences between customers and their service professionals. Specializing in the home and field service, health and fitness and wellness services industries, EverCommerce solutions include end-to-end business management software, integrated payment acceptance, technology marketing and customer engagement apps. Learn more at EverCommerce.com.


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