Evelyn Partners wins “Best in Business Advertising” award

The Business Plus “Best in Business Advertising” series of awards highlights the effectiveness of B2B print advertising. Jury President Sean Boyle explains why an Evelyn Partners campaign stands out

The next time you are planning a corporate or business-to-business campaign, take a critical look at the various advertisements featured in any given copy of Business Plus.

Put yourself in the mind of the person they are trying to talk to. Ask yourself what are they trying to tell you? Why should you listen? Why should you bother paying attention to what they are trying to communicate?

This quarter’s Business Plus winner The best of commercial advertising price is a good example of the value of taking the time to do your marketing right. Involve advertising professionals, who know what they are doing and are not afraid to say a thing and say it well.

It doesn’t have to be crazy to be creative, but it has to be interesting and engaging. You’re paying for media space, so you might as well be paying to make sure your content hits the mark and isn’t widely ignored by the people you’re targeting.

Evelyn Partners is the new post-merger name of what was once Tilney and Smith & Williamson. The new brand Evelyn (the “Partners” part is minimized visually) is concerned with providing financial advice. The company and its London advertising agency Harbor decided to make the power of good advice their only thing.

The power of good advice is always best from those who know you well. This is a very simple overview, perhaps even obvious. But it’s true, and that’s what makes it strong.

In the Evelyn Partners ad, there’s no kitchen sink and no bad photos of the company’s executives shaking hands in front of their phallically impressive glass building. Nor are there any meaningless profanities about “navigating change,” “endless possibilities,” “dedicated partnerships,” and the like.

Clean design. Clear identity. Consistency in look and tone across platforms. It’s really not rocket science.

This professional campaign in no way reinvents the advertising wheel. It uses proven and reliable testimonials, but it uses them with relevance that contributes to the desired point of view of the brand.

You can hear the “voice” of successful entrepreneurs featured in the different executions. You’re likely to be naturally curious about what has worked well for other people in your position. How did they do it?

Don’t forget that if you are a “businessman”, you are also above all a “person”, with hopes, dreams, needs and concerns. For some reason, B2B advertising constantly seems to forget (or ignore) this fact.

It’s rare to see B2B advertising work that speaks to the heart and engenders emotion. It’s almost as if brands in the category are afraid of being “human”. Overall, Evelyn says, “come to us for the best tax advice…we’ve been advising our clients for over a hundred years”.

There is an inherent and important commitment and promise here to existing and future customers, a commitment that the organization must live up to every day. And one that when you look at this work, you can’t help but feel that this is a promise they can deliver on in spades.

  • Sean Boyle is a marketing strategist, planner, writer and host of the “A Pint With Seaniebee” podcast.. The Business Plus ‘Best in Business Advertising’ award is presented quarterly, with the winner receiving a beautifully engraved Tipperary Crystal trophy. The winner of BIBS Ad of the Year will be announced in 2023. To submit B2B print ads for an award, email Siobhán O’Connell in Business Plus: siobhan.oconnell@dmgmedia.ie

Photo (lr): Chris Woodhouse, Group CEO Evelyn Partners; Marc Lowry, Business Development Manager; Grainne Stewart, insurance partner; John O’Callaghan, Managing Partner Ireland. (Photo: Tom Honan)


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