“Don’t Wait for Success”: Accelerate Venture Holdings, LLC Launches Business Development Initiative


Mike Schill, CEO and Founder of Full Circle Agency

As part of a new initiative, AVH has partnered with The Full Circle Agency to provide strategy and development insights for future capital markets ventures.

I often say “don’t wait for success” because individuals and businesses should always analyze their current strategies and ensure those strategies are working to their full potential.

— James Burton, CEO and Founder of Accelerate Venture Holdings, LLC

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, October 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many companies have turned to Accelerate Venture Holdings, LLC (AVH) to help them expand operations, develop business processes and overcome financial obstacles. By agreeing to help companies large and small to have an impact on the industry in which they operate, AVH understands that marketing is an important step on the ladder leading to the ultimate goal: to create and maintain reliable means to businesses to generate income.

In their own effort to optimize business development, business strategy and marketing efforts, AVH has partnered with The Full Circle Agency to receive expert advice and routine analysis of their own strategies. Mike Schill, who is also the CEO of The Full Circle Agency, has agreed to partner with AVH to provide business model assessment and regular strategic planning sessions through his company.

“The Full Circle agency wants to be a reliable support system for AVH as the company strives to stay up to date on the impactful market strategies that will make its name known,” says Mike Schill. “A high-level strategy when it comes to customer accumulation, effective communication, and penetrating different markets is essential for companies like AVH, not just startups.”

The Full Circle agency will help AVH implement modern digital marketing, business development and customer retention strategies tied to the dynamic customer journey and the essential internal staff that help AVH drive revenue.

“I often say ‘don’t wait for success,’ because individuals and businesses still need to analyze their current strategies and ensure those strategies are working to their full potential,” says James Burton, CEO and Founder of AVH. “Companies come to us for their growth – if we are to continue to provide them with effective solutions, we must ensure that our internal and external mechanisms are well oiled.”

Mike Schill has a proven track record of executing initiatives that have been able to drive consistent revenue growth. He’s an entrepreneur with experience working under Grant Cardone – CEO of Cardone Capital, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of the 10x movement that catapulted him to Forbes’ #1 marketing influencer. Mike first started working at Cardone Enterprises as a sales representative, and as his clients progressed so did his career.

He spoke to thousands of people in a number of sales workshops which got him more opportunities under Grant Cardone. After gaining credibility in a multitude of verticals working for Cardone Ventures – a division of Cardone Enterprises – Mike founded The Full Circle Agency in February 2022.

Mike was also executive producer and speaker of “The Crib Radio Show” on DASH Radio, an internet radio platform that reaches over 10 million people monthly. Mike uses the show as a vehicle to shed light on the Hip Hop/Urban scene by showcasing musical acts, social influencers and industry shakers.

Mike holds a BS in Exercise Science from Florida State University, where he had the privilege of playing for their permanent national championship level football program.


About Full Circle Agency

Full Circle Agency is a marketing agency specializing in branding and social media, qualified lead generation, marketing and advertising. The agency also has a sports and entertainment division dedicated to solidifying the professional careers of athletes and entertainers with corporations. The agency’s mission is to combine skills in business, music, fashion and professional sports into a single, tour de force brand.

For more information, visit thefullcircle.io.

About Accelerate Venture Holdings, LLC

Accelerate Venture Holdings, LLC is a relationship-based company focused on investing in committed people, creative products, exclusive distribution channels, and scalable revenue companies that drive business and seek success. AVH invests in organizations that it believes hold leading competitive positions in defensible markets. The company operates according to the principles of “People. Product. Treat. Profit.” as it acquires, refines and sells.

Visit accelerateventureholdings.com for more information.

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