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Hyperion Research 2022 MarketViewTM Report Reveals Changing IP Software and Services Market Trends with Focus on IPBM Strategy

NEW YORK, Sept. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to the latest report from Hyperion Research, an Epiq company, the innovative service providers that can help intellectual property leaders accelerate legal, business and operational are more necessary than ever. .

Today marks the release of MarketView 2022MT Intellectual Property Management (IPM) Systems Report for Law Firms and Corporations. This year’s report provides a comprehensive review of the IPM software market and focuses on end-to-end IPM lifecycle systems and how they enable the modern operational paradigm of Intellectual Property Business Management (IPBM ).

Hyperion Market ViewMT The program serves as the definitive, analyst-based resource for legal solutions market information and advice. With over 500 hours of analyst research, benchmarking, client interviews and vendor presentations, this MarketView™ 2022 report provides an invaluable resource for innovation-driven companies and consulting firms. IP-focused lawyers to understand key trends in IBMM and embedded business lifecycles.

“IPBM’s overarching goal is to support core business operations, revenue generation and enterprise value with a robust data-driven decision-making program,” said Eyal Iffergan, Founder of Hyperion and Managing Director of Epiq Legal Business Advisory.

“IPBM is an essential framework that aligns multiple business functions, involving more decision makers in analyzing how to turn innovation into strategic action,” Iffergan said. “In this way, IPBM can be seen as the evolving unifying framework for intellectual property management, and we see the move to operations within this framework driving broad market demand and roadmaps for IPM products.

Expert analysis has shown that this focus on IPBM and market consolidation in recent years has led to increased interest in advanced features, new technology vendors and new delivery models. In a well-populated market with a wide range of capabilities, the MarketView 2022MT report evaluated 11 advanced IPM solutions for corporate legal departments and eight solutions for law firms. It includes in-depth analyzes of the viability and visions of the IPM solutions market from Anaqua, Inc., ClarivateMTMaxVal, Patrix, Dennemeyer and TM Cloud.

“Recent mergers and acquisitions continue to reshape the intellectual property management landscape,” said Catherine J. Moynihan, senior director, strategic intelligence and consulting at Hyperion Research.

“Our research reveals that as long-established solution providers focus on modernizing and cross-pollinating capabilities between acquired platforms, new entrants are gaining traction and customers are beginning to critically re-evaluate their options. and strengthen their investments.”

IP departments also continue to take advantage of a wide variety of tools outside of traditional IP management (IPM) systems. While 69% of departments say they have an IPM in their technology stack, the report identified more than 16 additional widely used tools. To help sort through this landscape, the strategies highlighted in the report focus on developing a unifying framework that enables organizations to meet their holistic information needs.

“We are struck by the growing breadth and diversity of other tools and systems the market relies on to gather data and drive decisions,” Moynihan said. “The market is clearly expressing the need for a variety of tools to capture, maintain, manage, protect and defend intellectual assets. Established players and new entrants are finding opportunities to meet this need. »

At nearly 260 pages, the report provides the research and analysis decision-makers need to drive a process of evaluating solutions, including:

  • IPM solutions market trends, such as:

    • Mergers and Acquisitions Shape the IPM Landscape

    • Shift management attention to the impact of an organization’s IP portfolio

    • Alignment of core organizational skills for efficiency deliverables

  • The 117 key components of the Hyperion solution of leading IPM systems

  • Comprehensive overview of the IPM vendor landscape

  • Review and evaluation of 19 solutions

  • Guiding Principles for Selecting and Implementing Solutions

The report is available to all Hyperion Research member customers or can be purchased online for immediate download from Hyperion Research ( To download the executive summary, visit the IPM MarketView page. The report includes a 60-minute briefing with a senior analyst to discuss and answer questions about the market and solution providers.

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