Business Management Major Overview – JMU


Declare the major

New Freshmen and Transfer Students
Students must declare the business management major when registering for orientation. Any student admitted to JMU can declare any major offered by the College of Business. However, students are not officially admitted to the College of Business until certain requirements are met, as detailed in the “Admission to Major” section below.

Currently registered major changers
All students must have at least one major with a degree (i.e. Biology – BS). To add a 2nd major, select the major listed without a degree (i.e. Biology).

  1. Log in to MyMadison, select Student Center.
  2. Select Major/minor change in the “Other academic…” drop-down menu.
    1. To add a study program, select Add major/minor.

      To refine your search, select the diet typemodify the criteria of plan description to “contains” and enter the first letters of the plan.

    2. To drop out of a study program, select Major/minor dropout.
    3. To update a concentration for an existing study program, select Add/Edit Concentration.
  3. Once all the requests have been entered, select Send request.

Please note that any student admitted to JMU can declare any of the eight majors offered in the College of Business. However, any student enrolled in one of the BBA programs must meet certain progression standards in order to continue their business major beyond the first year of study.

Admission to the Major

Full admission to the College of Business
Stating a business major does not guarantee full admission to the College of Business. Students must formally apply for full admission to the College of Business by submitting an application for admission during the semester in which students are taking the lower-level BBA courses (except COB 242: Management Accounting). We encourage students to complete their lower level courses within the first three semesters if possible. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for specific admission requirements.

Advance in the Major

Students must maintain good academic standing with at least a 2.0 GPA.


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