Business management: how it pays to give customers control


A missed call is a missed opportunity.

Whether it’s a potential sale, a chance to serve, or just a request to add to the pipeline: every interaction is vital.

That’s why it’s so important to have clear, real-time visibility into all communications activity.

Turn that visibility into impactful, value-added analysis, and an organization can start using data to improve performance.

And when that happens, those missed opportunities begin to materialize.

“In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, it’s critical for a business to have the tools to understand and manage the business, its workforce, and its communications,” says Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Splicecom, UK provider of channel-focused voice solutionswho are the smart thinkers of this space.

“Visibility is key, especially when the people responsible for answering calls are no longer regularly in the office.

“For a car dealership, for example, a missed call could mean a lost service of £300 or a missed car sale of £30,000.

“Split-response to abandoned calls, sub-optimal call-back processes – these are all ways in which mishandled communications can significantly damage the bottom line of any business.”

In truth, most end-user companies, regardless of size, know the inherent risks of the hybrid working model, but there are often technology barriers to establishing and maintaining full control.

For those taking advantage of the many benefits of hosted telephony, call management capability is often lacking in vendor platforms and must be obtained (at an additional cost) from a third party.

This means a more complex technology stack, increased interdependencies within it, and additional vendors, all with different SLAs and all on separate invoices.

However, in Splicecom’s case, “Vision” – its feature-rich, cloud-based or on-premise enterprise management suite – is integrated with its SelectVoice communications offering.

It offers reporting scheduling, permission-based browser access, call alarms and audit logs showing who and how users viewed or listened to call data and can be enhanced to support multi-channel communications such as WhatsApp Business, Facebook, email and SMS.

Seamless and fluid, it leverages a single database to capture all calls, messages, social media interactions, and voice activity from Microsoft Teams and presents them through a clean and engaging user interface.

Administrators and supervisors get an at-a-glance reading of the resulting data and can extract customized and easily shareable reports.

Optional add-ons include encrypted call recording and the ability to display data on wall panels located in the office, tailored to the individual needs of the end user.

It can be a particularly powerful force when deployed in multi-tenant contact center environments, leveraging the cost-effectiveness of a single instance’s ability to simultaneously serve multiple organizations.

And – in the event of inaccurate fraud allegations, unfair social media exposure or abusive language allegations – the data can be used to investigate and quickly resolve any potentially damaging disputes.

“Call management and reporting is a core part of our product line and that means we’re equipping users not only with the modern telephony and unified communications platforms they need, but also with that crucial extra capability. to ensure employee best practices and reputational protection,” says Splicecom Director of Sales Stuart Bell.

“It’s about providing organizations with confidence in their communication processes and confidence in those who execute them – all as standard and all from a single vendor.

“The benefits of the end-user organization are obvious, making them easy to articulate for our channel partners. Call efficiency and effectiveness are improved instantly, meaning the return on investment is quick and significant”

To add to the appeal, Splicecom’s “sell with” culture means that their experts are always available to support reseller pre-sales engagements: explaining the solution and sharing impactful use case experiences.

So, it looks like the opportunity presents itself.

Just make sure you don’t miss anything.

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