Beef Cattle Business Drives Inner Mongolia Herdsmen to Prosperity


The Bao Dongbao herdsmen of Horqin’s Right Wing Center Banner pose for a photo with his cattle. [Photo by Bai Junhua / for]

Herdsmen’s living standards are rising in the right-wing central banner of Horqin in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, thanks to the development of a complete industrial chain of beef cattle.

Local herder Wu Qishisan lifted himself out of poverty by benefiting from the relocation of the banner cattle industry.

The Inner Mongolia Agricultural Bank broke with the local tradition that live cattle cannot be mortgaged and introduced live cattle mortgage loans in an innovative way, which suddenly aroused the enthusiasm of farmers and herders .

Wu has borrowed a total of 400,000 yuan ($56,180) in loans over the past two years to build new standardized sheds and raise more than 100 Simmental cattle.

The Simmental is a beef cattle breed with improved quality compared to traditional breeds, a Simmental cattle can sell for 7,000 yuan more than a traditional cattle.

“The benefits of breeding are getting better and better!” “said Wu.

To date, the Inner Mongolia Agricultural Bank has issued 2.53 billion yuan of live cattle mortgages in the banner, benefiting five major enterprises and more than 22,000 herder households.

While sparking the increase in the number of cattle breeding, the local resident enterprise Inner Mongolia Zhongnong Xing’an Breeding Cattle Technology Co provides technical support to ensure the quality of cattle breeding.

The company can produce more than 10,000 doses of high-quality frozen semen daily and can guide breeding techniques, enabling breeders to raise cattle with twice the results but half the effort.

From September 2020 to present, the company has distributed 160,000 doses of high-quality frozen semen free of charge, resulting in the breeding of 62,000 cows and the birth of 37,000 calves.

In addition, to reduce the cost of raising cattle, the banner has invested more than 10 million yuan for the introduction of full straw utilization technology, which can transform corn straw which would usually cause pollution during combustion in “sweet paste”.

At present, this technology has enabled the overall straw utilization rate to reach 90%.

In a bid to further complete the industrial chain, the local government has introduced projects ranging from fodder, breeding, fattening to processing, logistics and catering. With the implementation of industry development promotions, the number of beef cattle in the brand has increased from 166,000 in 2018 to 407,600 today, and the number of beef cattle farmers and cooperatives has increased from 15,000 and 200 in 2018 to 30,000 and 400, respectively.

Driven by the cattle industry, the per capita disposable income of farmers and herders in the banner rose from 9,700 yuan in 2018 to 10,835 yuan in 2021.


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