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TUCSON, Arizona – Arizona Pest Control is celebrating 75 years in business by launching an all-new digital collector project, based on modern technology called NFT.

“Our goal is to tie real-world use to these digital collectibles and provide tangible service to their respective owners,” said Caleb Tennenbaum, marketing director at Arizona Pest Control. “Owners of these NFT collectibles will never have to worry about paying for pest, termite or rodent control services again!”

The company is embarking on this exciting new technology as part of its 75th anniversary celebration. The collection is made up of 11 distinct tokens, with four of these tokens being strictly collectibles and the other seven NFTs having real-world utility. The Arizona Pest Control collection is available on the NFT marketplace known as OpenSea.

The four NFTs to collect include the $1 Million Roach, $50,000 Roach, Arnold Roachenegger, and Pests Playing Poker. The Million Dollar Roach is a collectible commemorating the Million Dollar Cockroach Contest which was established by Arizona Pest Control in 2000. Arizona Pest Control attached barcodes to cockroaches and circulated them across the country, giving away 1 million dollars for the correct barcoded cockroach if returned. The $50,000 Cockroach is a collectible commemorating the $50,000 Cockroach Contest created by Arizona Pest Control in 1998. Arizona Pest Control attached barcodes to a cockroach and released it, offering $50,000 if the correct barcode cockroach was found. Arnold Roachenegger is a collectible commemorating the “World’s Biggest Cockroach Contest” which was established by Arizona Pest Control in 1996. Arizona Pest Control offered cash prizes to the person who made the biggest cockroach. Pests Playing Poker is a collectible to commemorate Arizona Pest Control’s thirty second poker commercial. The commercial features Arizona Pest Control characters from the fifteen seconds of commercials, including Roachman, Ray the Rat, Susie the Spider, Terry the Termite, Steve the Scorpion, and Anthony the Ant.

The collection also includes seven verifiable tokens on the blockchain that provide real-world utility. The collectibles are based on the animated characters from the Arizona Pest Control TV commercials. Anthony the ant, Steve the scorpion, and Susie the spider all offer their owners a free General Pest Control Service (every two months) for all owners who reside within the Arizona Pest Control Service Area. Terry the Termite is a verifiable token that provides free termite control services to holders residing in the Arizona Pest Control Service Area. Wendy the Wasp is a verifiable token that provides free bee and wasp control to the holder of the verifiable token. Ray the Rat is verifiable for free rodent control services (mice and rats) for any licensee residing in the Arizona Pest Control service area. Roachman is a verifiable token for free pest control services, termite control, rodent control (mice and rats) and bee/wasp control services for any holder residing in the control service area Arizona pest control.

Tennenbaum added, “I wanted us to be the first pest control company to enter the NFT space, but I wanted to make sure the collection served real purpose. Once a user purchases one of our utility NFTs, they gain access to an unlockable item that allows them to claim their service from us. Blockchain is going to transform many industries over the next 3 years and the pest control industry is no exception. I encourage other PCOs to get involved and explore the possibilities of blockchain. The implications of blockchain are greater than or equal to those of the printing press.

Tokens can be bought or sold by their respective owners at any time and Arizona Pest Control has committed that 10% of all (secondary) royalty sales on the four commemorative collectible tokens will be donated to local school districts in the greater Tucson area to develop the local Tucson community.

The entire Arizona Pest Control NFT collection can be viewed on OpenSea by visiting:


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