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Ask anyone who knows him and they’ll tell you that Andrew Meyer is the best, both as a business leader and a good guy. The Freemark Financial co-founder has built a reputation for being tough, methodical, empathetic and kind – while representing some of the brightest names in entertainment including Jon Chu, Anna Kendrick, Adam Driver, Kathryn Hahn, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Ellen Pompeo, who offered him The Hollywood Reporter‘s Business Manager Icon Award during a virtual celebration on November 9.

Meyer grew up in Monrovia, just 30 miles from her current Beverly Hills office, but says, “I might as well have grown up 5,000 miles away because there was no connection to that company. “

There have been many milestones on his path to launching the company he has run with co-founder Steves Rodriguez for nearly a decade, but two seem particularly significant. First, shortly after Meyer started a job as an accountant at Breslauer Jacobson Rutman & Chapman, Nancy Chapman left the company to start her own business alongside Terry Bird and Bonnie Gray. “They thought they could do something better, and they broke up,” Meyer recalled. “I got to see from scratch how they managed to take those clients and build a business. It intrigued me and it’s something that has stuck with me throughout my career. The other was a stint at a Westside accounting firm in 1996, where he first met Rodriguez, his office colleague at the time.

“Working with my best friend, who happens to be the best business leader I’ve ever met, is something I try not to take for granted,” Rodriguez says. “When we met over 25 years ago, it was hard to imagine we would end up here. We encountered challenges along the way to becoming one of the leading companies in the industry, but I wouldn’t change a thing. on the course.”

The feeling is mutual. “Steve really believed in me, which is wonderful in a business partner, especially when you’re at the very beginning of your career,” Meyer says. “I was this accountant who really wanted to grow and I didn’t have entertainment relationships. So it was really about building. You do the right thing, you treat people well, you provide good service and you just hope everything goes well.

It certainly is. Meyer credits manager Larry Taube of Principal Entertainment as an early advocate who not only trusted him with his clients, but also helped him build relationships with other reps. “I’ve known Andrew for more years than we care to admit,” Taube says, adding that Meyer stands out for several reasons: “It’s not just his impeccable style – we’ve rarely seen him without a suit these lately, even on quarantine zooms – but it’s Andrew’s integrity and honesty that is most appreciated.

Meyer is known to go to great lengths for his clients, whether it’s crossing the pond for a special occasion or simply focusing on details others might overlook and taking the extra time to render. complex financial issues understandable. “He takes a significant weight off our shoulders,” says talent attorney Steve Warren, who shares several clients with Meyer. “He anticipates people’s needs and is able to explain a client’s financial life and choices in an accessible, non-overwhelming way.”

Attorney Rick Genow, who has known Meyer professionally and as a friend for more than 15 years, adds, “Andrew loves what he does and elevates business management to an art. He doesn’t miss a single detail and truly cares about every customer.

Lee Polster, president of EOP Realty, says he helped Meyer and Rodriguez find Freemark’s first office. Over the years, he’s worked with most of the city’s business leaders and says Meyer stands out. Says Polster, “If I had a choice of one person in my professional life that I would want to stand by my side in a boardroom or a dark alley, with all the odds against me, Andrew Meyer would be my choice, every time. once and without hesitation.”

As for Freemark, Rodriguez says the company’s future “has never looked brighter,” and he’s excited about the path ahead.

The same goes for Meyer, who lives in Little Holmby with his wife, Katherine, and three children. Looking to the future, he sees himself and Rodriguez continuing to build their team internally while maintaining a customer-focused culture. “We take great pride in being a CPA firm that specializes in managing entertainment businesses,” says Meyer, “with a policy of being nimble, being proactive, and always challenging ourselves to see if there is policies and procedures that should change to do things better.

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