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Tell us about DaySmart Pet software. How does the company contribute to the success of pet businesses? DaySmart Pet provides business management software specifically for pet care businesses. With our online booking tool and digital appointment book, businesses can maximize bookings, attract new customers and increase revenue. This is especially helpful for businesses that are ditching pen and paper, as DaySmart Pet automates the scheduling process and keeps their books open 24/7.

By managing all aspects of their business within a single platform, our customers are able to streamline workflows and eliminate the chaos often associated with check-in and check-out processes. In addition to helping our customers simplify their daily lives, we are also committed to supporting their business growth with features that optimize the customer experience, such as two-way SMS, marketing templates and integrated payment processing.

What types of businesses is DaySmart Pet designed for? What makes it better than other software available? DaySmart Pet is designed to help grooming, daycare and boarding facilities grow and run their business efficiently. We’ve been serving the pet care industry since 2005, and our platform is constantly evolving to meet the unique needs of these businesses. Our user-friendly interface and simple navigation ensure that new and experienced staff alike can easily use the platform on a day-to-day basis for planning, reporting, marketing, payments, and more.

How does DaySmart Pet ensure customer success during the onboarding process and beyond? What types of training and support do you offer? Once a new customer signs up for DaySmart Pet, we provide training to ensure they are set up to succeed and know how to use the platform to its full potential. After the onboarding process is complete, customers can contact our support team, via phone, email, and live chat, with any questions they may have. We also provide an online knowledge base with helpful training videos and answers to FAQs. In addition to day-to-day business management, we offer industry-related resources to help business owners increase their growth.

What are some common mistakes pet businesses make when choosing and/or integrating business management software? How can they avoid or recover from these mistakes? When it comes to choosing the best software application for a pet care business, a healthy combination of research and free demos or trials is essential. While research is an important first step, business owners will want to make sure they’re not buying 100% on recommendation. After compiling a list of software applications that seem to fit, scheduling demos and free trials will help business owners see the platforms in action and determine which one best suits their needs.

Another thing to consider is whether the software is scalable or not. Business owners will want to make sure they choose a platform that can grow alongside them in the future. Finally, once the software is implemented, business owners will want to make sure that they don’t underutilize the features.

The company transitioned from 123Pet Software to DaySmart Pet at the end of 2021. What inspired this change? What was the rebranding? Despite DaySmart’s evolution over the past 22 years to serve new industries, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to growth and the success of our customers. With this update, DaySmart’s branding now reflects where the company is today and its mission to provide small and medium business owners with the support and purpose-built solutions that will make doing business easier than ever. The rebranding involved a new logo, a new look and a new website for DaySmart Pet, and it signifies our commitment to providing the pet care community with a top-notch solution to help our customers develop and manage their business effectively.

What future for DaySmart Pet? With our most recent launch of Boarding by DaySmart Pet, we now have a true one-stop-shop for pet care businesses looking to streamline their operations, whether they offer grooming, daycare, pension or any combination of the three. We are excited to continue to invest in the DaySmart Pet platform through new features and new partnerships that meet the changing needs of our customers. To learn more about DaySmart Pet, visit www.daysmartpet.com.


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