Programmatic Advertising Market Analysis by Regional Analysis and Business Development, by 2028


The recent analysis of Programmatic Advertising market aims to help stakeholders gain a competitive head start by unearthing the growth prospects of this industry vertical during 2020-2025. The report leverages industry-validated data and credible statistics with regards to the primary growth stimulants, opportunities, and limitations to evaluate the yearly growth rate of the market and its sub-markets over the stipulated timeframe.

Further, the research report hosts comprehensive segmentation studies on product and applications types, followed by a country-level analysis of the regional markets. Speaking of the competitive landscape, it profiles well-established companies and the strategies utilized by them to maintain a strong foothold in this business domain. Moreover, it includes a dedicated section for addressing the effects of Covid-19 pandemic to assist you in drafting robust action plans with strong profit potential for the forthcoming years.

Key highlights from the TOC:

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Product terrain

  • Product range: Desktop banners and mobile banners
  • Figures reflecting the turnover and market share of each type of product.
  • Growth rate projections for each product segment during the analysis period.


  • Application spectrum: Education , Finance , Media & Entertainment , Retail , Travel , By Region , North America , United States , Canada , Europe , Germany , France , United Kingdom , Italy , Russia , Nordics , Rest of Europe , Asia-Pacific, China, Japan and South Korea
  • Market share and product demand for each type of application.
  • Estimates of the annual growth rate for each application category over the forecast period.

Regional outlook

  • Regional fragmentation: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa
  • Net turnover and sales accumulated by each geographical area.
  • Expected compound annual growth rate of each region over the forecast period.

Competitive landscape

  • Key players: Rubicon Project (US) Adroll (US) Adobe Marketing Cloud (US) DoubleClick (US) Choozle (US) AdReady (US) DataXu (US) Centro (US) ) PulsePoint (USA) Outbrain (USA)
  • Detailed company profiles.
  • Each organization’s product portfolio, including their main applications and specifications.
  • Manufacturing facilities of leading companies in listed geographies.
  • Market concentration ratio analysis.
  • Other important facets such as market share, sales graph, pricing model and operating profit of listed organizations.
  • Major developments, including partnerships, mergers, expansion proposals, acquisitions and other strategic alliances.

In conclusion, the business intelligence report on the Programmatic Advertising Market is compiled by assessing various segments individually. Also, it elucidates the overall industry supply chain based on downstream consumers, distributors, and equipment suppliers.

Report Highlights:

The report provides an analysis of the product scope of the Programmatic Advertising market. Details regarding price trends and production volume are offered in the report.

The report also mentions the market share accumulated by each product in the programmatic advertising market along with the growth in production. The research report also involves the rate of industry concentration with reference to raw materials.

The information related to the market share gained by each application along with the product consumption data and the estimated growth rate to be recorded by each application are inculcated in the report.

The study provides an in-depth assessment of the marketing strategy portfolio consisting of multiple marketing channels that manufacturers are implementing to endorse their products.

The report also offers data regarding market position and marketing channel development trends. Depending on the market position, the report also emphasizes branding, pricing strategies, and target.

Distributors, major suppliers, price development and raw material supply chain are highlighted in the report. The manufacturing cost along with the labor cost details are mentioned in the report.

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