PERC projects to boost business development initiatives 2022-23 : LP Gas


The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) approved the following funding requests at its July meeting in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

  • $926,500 for the 2022-2023 cross-market business development engagement and professional services. PERC says the project will allow it to work with industry and professional services partners to develop markets, conduct research, develop new products, and engage in fundraising and project management.
  • $917,500 for 2022-23 off-road/materials handling business development activity outside of specific projects and existing marketing plans – through sponsorships, memberships, meetings and events, trade shows, professional services and new product support with reporting and data collection.
  • $890,000 to support all PERC business development activities with partners in 2022-23. The project is designed to utilize existing and new engine technology offerings in the higher mid-growth markets of student transportation, paratransit, food/beverage delivery, and package/parcel delivery.
  • $806,000 for commercial development of the 2022-2023 residential market, which includes in-person meetings, continuing education programs and subject matter expertise, with a focus on construction professionals.
  • $594,800 for a National Workforce Outreach Scholarship Program through the North Carolina Technical Education Center to help address workforce development challenges. The program would reimburse new employees for tuition after they have completed all certifications and been hired into the industry. (This file was tabled at the April board meeting and approved in June.)
  • $472,500 for 2022-2023 Commercial Marketplace Business Development, which includes in-person meetings, continuing education programs, and subject matter expertise, with a focus on construction professionals and engineers.
  • $423,000 for Farmer’s Market Business Development 2022-2023, which supports activities that are not tied to specific projects or included in existing market engagement plans.
  • $250,445 to advance PERC’s education efforts through third-party accreditation of its content, development of a virtual reality training module as well as a mobile application to improve the accessibility of the center learning and program.
  • $102,000 for the Utilization Technology Development (UTD) Consortium 2022. UTD is a research-based, not-for-profit organization comprised of natural gas distribution companies. PERC cites three projects that have a direct impact on the future use of propane in residential construction.
  • $75,000 for 2022 Carbon Management Information Centerwhich develops resources and tools that provide technically defensible information on the beneficial role of propane and renewable propane in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The board will meet Nov. 8-9 in Destin, Florida.

Commentary on the 2023 budget

Also at its July public meeting, PERC approved the release of the 2023 budget plan. It is now posted for public comment on Comments must be submitted by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on August 31 to be considered.


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