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The Class of 2021 should be so proud of what they have achieved, succeeding despite the challenges of a global pandemic, Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said following the release of HSC results from Last year. “Everything our latest graduates have accomplished over the past two years will stand them in good stead for their next chapter, whether they are looking to go to college, start training or find work,” Ms. Mitchell said. This year, despite the challenges, results across all performance bands remained consistent with previous years, including the number of students who achieved the highest bands. Great Lakes Senior College’s Grade 12 Class of 2021 has certainly demonstrated discipline for hard work, pride and confidence by once again having the largest number of students in the region to join the prestigious ranks of the very performing. Top performers are students who have achieved one of the highest places and highest possible group result in one or more HSC courses. Throughout their final years, they were supported by the college’s group of specialist teachers. Jasmine Axis, who scored an ATAR of 91.6 in Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Industrial Technology, Advanced English and Standard Maths, is preparing to travel to Newcastle later this month to start a five-year stay studying architecture. Jasmine said she loves the design and the woodwork. A 97 ATAR gave Kristy Green the grades that will allow her to study medicine at the University of Western Sydney. Kristy got her outstanding result by studying chemistry, earth and environmental sciences and the second extension of mathematics. After completing her studies, Kristy would like to return to a country or region and specialize in paediatrics. Tyson Johnson will travel to Newcastle this month to begin business studies, where he would like to major in marketing and management. He scored 91.2 for Advanced English, Standard Math, Modern History, Legal Studies, Society and Culture. “It was (the business) something I was interested in and something I would love to do.” Chemistry, Physics, Maths Extension One and Two, Modern History and Advanced English earned Byron Panos an ATAR of 95.9 and entry into Newcastle University to study Chemical Engineering . “It interests me (chemistry) and I think it would be a good thing to have a career in this field.” Fiona Gottstein will spend the next 12 months traveling both in Australia and overseas before studying engineering or physics. She would like to study at a university in Germany or at the University of NSW in the future. “I like physics and I’m good at math.” She achieved her ATAR of 97.55 with Math Extensions One and Two, Physics, Chemistry, Advanced English, and Extension Science. Related: Oscar Rudman Said He’s Always Enjoyed Building Things And Learning How Things Work. Oscar plans to study Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University after scoring 95.6 in Physics, Chemistry, Advanced and Advanced Maths, Advanced English and Engineering Studies. Also joining this high-achieving group are dux and distinguished director, Grace Atkinson, who achieved an ATAR of 99, all-rounder and other distinguished performer, Matt Delahunty, 98.65, and best director, Luke Maher, 97, 15. Did you know? Great Lakes Advocate online subscribers not only have 24/7 access to local and national news, sports, current affairs and entertainment, but they also have access to our print edition in digital format, with all advertisements and classifieds at your fingertips.



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