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In today’s world, e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace. In 2021, the global e-commerce market revenue was US$20.31 trillion, and further growth is expected. In the conditions of a growing market and increased competition, it is necessary to be constantly on the lookout for industry trends in order to increase sales and ensure better business results. For this, the company must not only be successful, but also be easily recognizable and have its own individual and attractive brand.

But unlike product advertising, this task takes time, and its effect will be evident in the medium and long term. This is the main reason why companies learn to choose the right tools for their marketing strategy. One such tool is email marketing, which is an effective way to communicate with customers using email newsletters.

Top Benefits of Email Marketing for Business

Email marketing is a tool to reach people who use email in their daily lives for business or personal communications. It is considered part of internet marketing. Using an email, marketers contact their potential customers with certain information containing important details about a service or product and entice the user to be interested in that product or service. Mail also makes it possible to conduct a mass survey efficiently with few resources and time.

Email marketing offers many opportunities to use it for various purposes and for various types of activities. In general, it is possible to distinguish the following directions of the use of e-mail marketing in business:

  1. Return of the audience to the site and conversion into potential customers. Using this opportunity, the company can create a newsletter for those who have visited the site and were interested in information, but have not accessed the service for a long time. It is advisable to indicate the interesting information that the user may have missed and to list a number of advantages in order to transform the user into a potential customer;
  2. Learn to work with the product, platform and application. This is a good opportunity for companies with an exciting and unique product, like an app. It is possible to use a newsletter for existing and potential customers who use or will use this application. You can also point out benefits, secrets and features and also show how to use them correctly;
  3. Direct sales. It involves offering a service by sending potential customers a beautifully crafted email, adding brief interesting information, offering a profitable offer, bonus or discount;
  4. Complete company services. This involves sending various service messages.

The benefits of email marketing that will help build a competitive business are:

  • Return of inactive customers by mailing;
  • Increase conversions using segmentation;
  • Reward loyal customers;
  • Brand reputation management;
  • Help with e-commerce sales.

5 Business Email Marketing Tools Worth Your Attention

Check out the best email marketing tools for businesses below. They will help achieve certain business goals, so try to carefully study the characteristics of each.

Stripe is a platform for creating HTML email templates. Organizations and individuals can use this HTML Email Builder to create an email for mailing lists, promotional campaigns, automatic notifications, etc. Emails created in Stripo are automatically optimized for desktop and mobile screen formats.

Emails are generated in the builder, where their structure and design are created by dragging items from the toolbar to the layout. Emails can be created from scratch and using a ready-to-use template. In total, Stripo offers more than a thousand templates on various topics.

Created emails consist of blocks. Text, images, videos, buttons, social media links, banners, dividers, HTML code, forms and other components are available to be inserted into the block. The general design of emails is configured. Fonts, background, general letter style, buttons and adaptability settings can be easily defined. There are a large number of settings for the added items, making it possible to create a unique email without any hassle.

Design mode

This is another free email marketing tool for businesses that deserves special consideration. This service offers business owners a variety of design solutions for websites and emails. Designmodo can be used to create beautiful and effective newsletters that your subscribers will actually want to read. Thoughtful and engaging emails will increase the likelihood that the audience won’t lose interest in your business.


Visme is a cloud-based online editor. The necessary elements are added by simple drag and drop. Visme has many tools for creating impactful emails, presentations, infographics, data visualizations, reports, and resumes. The library contains many templates prepared by professional designers. Projects created on their basis will look great on any screen thanks to high-resolution images. You’ll also find millions of free photos, thousands of vector icons and graphics in all styles, and hundreds of fonts. The Visme online editor interface is intuitive and allows users to easily create any type of content.

Program functions:

  • Animations and interactive elements;
  • Integration with third-party services;
  • Quick search in a large library of templates created by professional designers;
  • The protection of privacy;
  • Possibility of use without Internet connection.


SparkToro is another tool that can be useful when creating a marketing campaign. This platform will help you identify all the sources that influence the interests and opinions of your audience. The audience analysis function provides access to information on what your users like to read, listen to, watch and on the topics that generally interest them.

This data is an invaluable source of information and helps you get to know your audience better and understand what your customers have and what they expect from you. Based on the analysis, you can not only make the newsletter attractive and interesting for the audience, but also save time, money and effort.


Emails should be visually appealing and contain useful information. However you design your email newsletter, your texts should be clear and error-free. Grammarly or any other similar service that analyzes content using artificial intelligence will provide you with the necessary writing support. This will help you create high quality mailings that will resonate with your audience.

Moreover, well-structured and well-written texts will allow users to focus on the content of the email, and they will be more likely to understand what you want to tell them. Grammarly will recommend the best words to use, helping you find the right wording to express your brand identity and grab readers’ attention.

Thus, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of the target audience today. Many studies confirm the effectiveness of mailings, and a well-developed strategy helps to develop a brand and better meet consumer needs. This is why email marketing should be one of the key parts of e-commerce promotion strategy. And in combination with other means of attracting consumers, this will produce maximum effect.

Apply the best email marketing tools discussed above in your business and get undeniable benefits!


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