5 Best Business Management in Detroit, MI


Below is a list of the best and leading business managers in Detroit. To help you find the best business management located near you in Detroit, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

Detroit’s Best Business Management:

The best Corporate management in Detroit, MI are:

  • McKinsey & Co. – united by the hope of making a difference for their customers and their region
  • Slalom Consultant – committed to doing what is right and helping you achieve your vision
  • LifeLine Business Advisory Services – build thriving local ecosystems by empowering others to change their lives through entrepreneurship
  • Boston Consulting Group – discuss their biggest challenges and seize their biggest opportunities
  • Data Consulting Group – extraordinarily diverse in terms of scope and industry of their clients

McKinsey & Co.Business Management in Detroit

McKinsey & Co., the Detroit office serves many of the region’s leading companies in automotive, financial services, consumer packaged goods, retail, basic materials, healthcare and public sector. They help shape growth strategies, drive innovation and transform operational and organizational performance. Additionally, their work in the state’s key economic growth and job creation opportunities helps support Detroit’s exciting renaissance. McKinsey Detroit brings together diverse groups of exceptionally talented people who join them with advanced degrees in science, arts, and business.

Others come from leading global and regional organizations, in sectors ranging from automotive to technology. They are united by the hope of making a difference for their customers and their region. They also take advantage of the area’s rich cultural, educational, and athletic life, from the Detroit Institute of Arts to Michigan’s remarkable universities to their local sports teams, the Red Wings, Tigers, and Lions.


Marketing and sales, people and organizational performance, strategy and corporate finance, etc.


Address: 150W Jefferson Srv Rd STE 1600, Detroit, MI 48226
Call: (313) 202-5200
Website: www.mckinsey.com


“It’s McKinsey, Detroit, where else on the planet would you like to be on a Wednesday night? The great hor’ devours. -Jeans.

Slalom adviceTop Business Management in Detroit

Slalom advice is a global consulting firm focused on strategy, technology and business transformation. Slalom teams are committed to doing the right thing and helping you achieve your vision. They entail building success collaboratively, making your organization stronger after every engagement, and building confidence for the next big challenge. With Slalom, it’s not just about the ongoing project. It’s about building trust and enabling your lasting success. They meet you where you are, entrench their people with yours, and share their skills every step of the way.


Strategy, Industries, Technology


Address: 660 Woodward Ave Suite 1975, Detroit, MI 48226
Call: (206) 438-5700
Website: www.slalom.com


“Great place to be.” -Jim C.

LifeLine Business Advisory ServicesDetroit Business Management

LifeLine Business Advisory Services is a full-service business planning and management consulting agency serving small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations focused on minority and women-owned businesses. To date, LifeLine has helped more than 1,000 business people create business plans and insurance documents in preparation for loan applications.

LifeLine fulfills its mission to help people in the Detroit area by providing access to resources that accelerate personal development, creating effective strategies, and building solid business plans. Their goal is to build thriving local ecosystems by empowering others to change their lives through entrepreneurship, making it easy to launch small businesses, and supporting business owners as they develop a viable future.


Corporate Training, Growth and Expansion Consulting, Products, Virtual Assistant, Marketing, Website Branding


Address: 1400 Woodbridge St #4, Detroit, MI 48207
Call: (313) 965-3155
Website: www.lifelineglobalconsulting.com


“Great team of people. They will help you take ownership of your business plan. – Daune S.

Boston Consulting GroupGood business management in Detroit

Boston Consulting Group is a global consulting firm that works with leaders in business and society to discuss their biggest challenges and seize their biggest opportunities. Their success is built on a spirit of deep collaboration and a global community of diverse individuals committed to improving the world and each other every day. BCG was the corporate strategy institute when it was established in 1963.

Today, they work closely with their clients to adopt a transformational approach aimed at benefiting all stakeholders, enabling organizations to grow, create sustainable competitive advantage and have a positive societal impact.


Commercial and organizational objective,


Address: 2715 Woodward Ave Suite 200, Detroit, MI 48201
Call: (248) 688-3500
Website: www.bcg.com


“Congratulations on your location in Detroit.” – Julie C.

Data Consulting GroupOne of the best business management in Detroit

Data Consulting Group offers a wide range of management consulting, staff augmentation and business process outsourcing services to its clients. These service lines are based on their Lean / Six Sigma practice model and are comprised of proven methodologies. DCG tested the experiment at the federal, state and municipal levels. Their consultants have a comprehensive mix of public and private sector experience to ensure the right blend of client-specific and public industry outreach with public and private sector best practices, methodology and practical solutions.

DCG’s portfolio of private sector projects is extraordinarily diverse in terms of the scope and industry of their clients, as well as the types of services they provide. DCG offers a wide variety of business and IT consulting aimed at helping clients dramatically improve their people, process and technology performance.


Management consulting, staff augmentation, outsourcing


Address: 965 E Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207
Call: (313) 963-7771
Website: www.dcgroupinc.com


“Phenomenal positions with high pay and flexibility, Jeff is the best and very understanding I would recommend if you are trying to get a job.” – Michelle S.


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